Beer Review: Lagunitas Eroica Sour Ale

What can I say? Frisco Tap House is a good a reliable source for a quality beer selection. They have over 100 rotating craft beers to choose from at any given time – they do not mess around! I had off from work for MLK Day and was running some errands in the area, so I decided to grab a pint and maybe a crowler or two. I left the place with a crowler of Two Roads Brewing’s Roadsmary’s Baby Pumpkin Ale and, while there, enjoyed a Lagunitas Eroica Sour Ale.

I cannot be the first person nor am I sure to be the last person who misreads this name as “erotica” because brains are strange and unhelpful creatures sometimes. This draft beer came in a goblet (which I pretty much hate), which is handsome, but clunky in my small hands. I have seen this classified as a Flanders oud bruin as well as a farmhouse ale, which all seem reasonable; this beer has a lot happening in it. It’s a handsome, deep golden color with no head at all, which is fine because I don’t drink sours for their head retention. This smells tart right from the get go: sour cherry, green apple, and maybe even some vinegar on the nose. It smells like it’s going to pack a wallop, which is what I want in a sour.

This is all sour cherry and tart apple up front when I taste it, and there’s a slight funk that’s also enjoyable. It’s sort of like grass or hay with some hints of overripe pear in there. There are some notes of dry red wine, too, which confused me at first until I read that this beer is aged in red wine barrels – so I’m not crazy after all! It finishes relatively sweets and is never overly sour. There’s plenty going on here with the¬†Brettanomyces kick, but it doesn’t make me pucker or make my cheeks hurt.

At 7.7%, it’s worth really taking your time with this beer and enjoying all of its complexities. Five out of five and I’d definitely seek this out again.