Beer Pairings: Dice

You read that right. I’m talking about little plastic geometric shapes with numbers on them. The ones that you roll for board games. The very same.

Please don’t eat them! This isn’t that kind of beer pairing.

To me, few things go better together than rolling some dice and drinking some beers. In case I haven’t yet been explicit about it: I’m a huge nerd. Every Sunday, I get together with some folks to play a few hours of Dungeons and Dragons. A few times a year, I also play some other tabletop RPG systems as well. I even run a game for my friends now and again.

Yeah. You heard me. I’m that kind of nerd. The kind your mother warned you about.


Board games, pencil and paper RPGs, video games – it’s all good by me. And these already great things can be vastly improved through the addition of a good brew (or two). So support your local breweries as well as some indie game makers and plan out a game night with friends soon. Embrace your inner nerd!